When is the red giant film festival?

  • 10-day shooting days for 2017 film festival: October 13-23, 2017
  • ​See the following page for other dates and times: EVENTS PAGE

What is the 10-10-10 Challenge?

  • 10 days to film a 10 minute (max) short film with 10 parameters.
  • See the following page for more information: 10-10-10 CHALLENGE

Can my film be under 10 minutes?

  • Yes. It can be any amount of time 10 minutes or less

Does the 10 minute max film time include all credits?

  • Yes. All introductory, team, ending, and Red Giant credits must fit within the 10 minutes or less.

What is the early bird discount?

  • You can get discounts on multiple items in the shopping cart including team registration dues ​when you purchase in advance. The further in advance you purchase something the higher the discount. 

Can I submit an already made film?

  • No. You have to create a new film for the Red Giant Film Festival.

What am I allowed to do before the start of the 10 days of shooting?

  • You can recruit cast and crew, find equipment, brainstorm and create concepts, scout locations, and even write your script. EVERYTHING ELSE must be done during the 10 day shooting period. We suggest NOT doing too much before the opening ceremony as your script and locations will be directly effected by the 8 randomized parameters you will get that night.

What makes the red giant festival different than other festivals?

  • See all the Information Tabs for more information on what makes us different at the bottom of the Festival Home Page. The following is just a summary: 
    • ​​1 ticket gets you into all the premieres and the Mix & Mingle
    • 1 ticket gets you into the award show & After Party
    • We don't force you to come to the awards show to find out if you are nominated. You find out the night of the Premieres. We allow you to prepare more things before the shooting window
    • Our venues are amazing and the events are a classy and fun
    • We allow you much more time than  many festivals and competitions but still a short enough time period to make it challenging
    • Team leads get 2 tickets to every event
    • Appetizer & Dessert Buffet
    • and More

How do I enter as a team lead?

What do i need to do as a team lead?

  1. ​Pay the entry fee
  2. Fill out the Team Registration Form
  3. Recruit a Cast & Crew
  4. Follow the requirements outlined in the Producers Package (call sheets, waiver forms, location forms, etc.)
  5. Film a 10 minute short film within 10 days with your 10 parameters
  6. Submit everything outlined in the Producers Package by the submission deadline of 9pm on October 23, 2017
  7. Have your cast, crew, family & friends support your film the premiere night and if you are nominated on the award show night

How can i get help if i don't know what to do as a team lead?

  • Red Giant will provide a document that is a "Being A Succesful Team Lead" guide for all those team leads that request it
  • Red Giant Founder, Joshua Larsen, will also be available to answer questions & help fill missing teammate positions
  • Ask other team leads from the Red Giant Festival or other festivals for advice

can a judge be part of or support a competing team?

  • No

can a sponsor be a part of or support a competing team?

  • Yes

Do i have to buy multiple tickets to see the different premiere groups?

  • No. 1 ticket gets you into all of the premieres

Can a cast or crew member be part of more than one team?

  • Yes

Can a team lead be part of more than their own team?

  • No

Is the mix & mingle included with my premiere night ticket?

  • Yes

is the after party included with my award show ticket?

  • Yes

Do i have to be at the opening ceremony in person?

  • No.  Although you can choose to be there in person the event will be streamed on Facebook Live where you can communicate your choices through the stream

What happens at the opening ceremony?

  • See the following page for more information: EVENTS

What are the details of what and how i need to submit my final submission package?

  • All of this information is in the Producers Package

What is the producers package and when do i get it?

  • All of the documents, formats, and items required to submit your project, templates, agreements and more. You get this after you pay your team entry fee and complete your team registration form

How can i see last years winners?

if we win, who gets the awards given?

  • The team lead will determine who gets the crystal statue award if they don't take it themselves. Red Giant will provide certificates of recognition for all those team members who were pertinent in the winning category. For example, if your team wins Best Ensemble with a cast of 10 people, 10 official Red Giant winning certificates will be given to those 10 cast members and the team lead will take the crystal stature award generally

How do I redeem any services won from competing?

  • You will be connected to the service providers/sponsors to arrange when the services can be redeemed

What happens if we don't get all the parameters in our film?

  • It's ok. Your film will still get screened at the premiere night you just wont most likely get the Best Use of Parameters Award

What would cause me to be disqualified from winning awards & prizes?

  1. ​Shooting outside the given 10 days shooting period
  2. Not submitting all required items by the submission deadline
  3. Not following the assigned/chosen genre
  4. Your film being longer than 10 minutes

What would disqualify my film from being screened?

  • ​Not submitting your film
  • ​Gratuitous or excessive nudity, violence, or language

Can we use purchased stock fotage to be part of our film?

  • Yes. Up to 30 seconds of your film can be purchased stock footage or 10% of the film, whichever is less

what am i agreeing to as a team lead & submitting a film to the red gaint festival?

  • You are agreeing to have partial co-ownership of the film created and all other related physical or digital materials in relation to this project for the Red Giant Film Festival to be used how either party sees fit including but not limited to marketing and sales purposes and distribution deals