Team Lead Benefits

1 Team Entry to Compete

1 Utah Film Awards Category (April 2018) Entry

2 Admission Tickets To All Premieres/Mix & Mingle

2 Admission Ticket To Awards Show/After Party

$50 Guaranteed Full Price Discount on Following Years Entry Fee

Producers Swag Bag

Raffle Ticket

Assistance in Filling Team Positions

Team Lead Training

​Ownership for Teams Success

25% Discount on LLC Creation Services

Red Giant Escape Room Ticket

Team Benefits

Guaranteed Screening
Demo Reel Footage

​Nominations Announced after Premieres

1 Admission Ticket Gets Access to All Premieres

1 Admission Ticket Gets Access to Award Show & After Party

Completion Benefits

Completed Short Film

Short Film Promotional Poster

Short Film 30 Second Teaser

Qualification for Awards & Prizes

Chance to Receive Nominations & Official Nominee Laurel

Winners Benefits

Winners are Pitched for Paid Distribution

9" Crystal Tear Drop Statue

Certificates for all Pertinent Team Members in Winning category

Potential to Win Grand Prize

Red Giant Festival Winners Digital Laurels

Recognition & Prestige

Bragging Rights

Additional Benefits

Better Chance to Win with 15 Team Limit

Better Chance to be Nominated with 3 Nominees/Category

Better Chances with to Win with 10-12 Categories

Better Chance to Win with Audience Choice Awards

Better Chance to Win with Non-Affiliated, Film Professional, Judges

Red Giant Festival Red Carpet &  Backdrop Photo Op

Available After Party Buffet Ticket Upgrade

Benefits of Participation

Participation in the Red Giant Festival has many benefits for the participating Team Leads and their groups. This includes the following: