Joshua L. larsen

Joshua L. Larsen is the founder, owner and CEO of Red Giant Films. He has produced 6 short films, writing and staring in 4, and directing 5. 7 awards and 15 nominations were earned from those six films in various film festivals and competitions. He also has acted, directed, and produced nearly 2 dozen other film projects. He also has generated nearly 2,000,000 views between a dozen promotional videos through Red Giant Films. He also started the Red Giant Film Festival in 2016 with nearly 400 attendees.

"One of the most professional production company I have ever worked with. It was a pleasure and I would be happy to work with Red Giant again."

          -- J. French

"I'm amazing at the level of professionalism at the Red Giant Film Festival. Red Giant did a great job organizing sponsors, teams, and a very nice venue. They were very easy to communicate with as well. 100% i will be back this year with my own team."

          -- C. Bunnell

LSE Productions

"I LOVED Mirror! Such a high quality short film."

 -- R. Moya

"Red Giant was easy to work with and understood that I was a small company starting out and presented several viable options for me to choose form when creating our companies promotional videos. Now I have nearly 1.75 million views between the 4 video they made for me. Thank You!"

-- C. Larsen

Ammee's Babies

"Josh is one of the most professional film makers I have ever worked with. His organization, patience, and ability to adapt make him a great producer and Director to work with."

-- D. Stephens

Our Mission

To create immersive experiences allowing for audiences, customers, and filmmakers to be a apart of creating a new world whether through our short films, promotional vidoes, or coming soon escape rooms.